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Recommended Brew Ratios:
Espresso: 1:1.8 - 1:1.9 (17.5-18g in, 31.5-34g out, 28-30 seconds)

Filter: 1:15.0

Batch Brew: 1:15.0

This is the first-ever dark roast in our lineup and we are so excited to link it to supporting health and empowerment in our local black communities. This coffee is a blend of American coffees that have been roasted to bring out dark chocolate, molasses, and nutty flavor with a full mouthfeel. 

The name of this blend is inspired by and in honor of Mary Elizabeth Clyburn, Rev. Douglas Elaine Moore, Claude Edward Glenn, Jesse Willard Gray, Vivian Elaine Jones, Melvin Haywood Willis, and Virginia Lee Williams, the seven young activists that led the first sit-in in North Carolina at Durham's Royal Ice Cream Parlor in protest of segregation and Jim Crow Laws. This sit-in was the precursor to the Woolworth sit-ins in Greensboro, NC, and they had a significant influence on the strategies used by civil rights activists in the Southeast during the 1960s. 

In honor of freedom builders past and present, $2 from the purchase of each bag will go towards a grassroots organization that is working to nourish and create an environment where black folks can thrive. Details about our current organization below! 


Current Organization: Feed Durham Project, led and organized by Katina Parker.

Feed Durham is a scrappy and determined mutual aid collective that came together in answer to mounting hunger in the Durham area, due to COVID. Since April we have gathered once a month to feed folks tasty, nutrient-dense meals that keep them hopeful. To date, we’ve fed just under 5,000 people multiple meals, and donated more than 13,000 pounds of farm-fresh chicken, local produce, and uncooked food supplies to shelters and community-based food programs.


*If you would like this coffee ground, please specify brew method in comments.