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Thank you for your interest in Cocoa Cinnamon and Little Waves Coffee Roasters!

We're a small business and email is an important part of how we communicate. If you would like to get in touch please connect with the appropriate contact below. Your message is important to us, and we will get back with you as soon as possible. Please look for appropriate contacts below for specific inquiries:

General FAQ’s

For answers to common questions about both our Cocoa Cinnamon shops and Little Waves Coffee Roastery, before writing in please check out our FAQ page.

Little Waves Coffee Wholesale

We have a robust Wholesale Program that includes barista training for Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Food Service, Institutions, Office Setups, Bulk Orders and more. Please reach out to us at or call our Wholesale Account Managers at (919) 213-0760 to learn more!
Brick & Mortar Online Orders

If you have an urgent request concerning a online order for one of our Cocoa Cinnamon Brick & Mortar shops, please contact the shop specific emails listed below:




Love the craft of coffee and being super nice to the awesome people in our community? Join our team. 

Please fill out the google form and follow instructions on our Work Page

Events, Art and Food Trucks — Please send event and art proposals to the email in the art and events section below.

Product Proposals — We do intermittently rotate products. Please do not drop off unsolicited products. If you would like to make a proposal or intro please send a brief note with offerings and ordering info to orders [at] cocoacinnamon [dot] com. If we are interested in or have the capacity to request more info, we will get in touch. Thanks!


Like most local businesses, we get a lot of requests for contributions. While we are unable to support all incoming requests, we give each proposal careful consideration. Cocoa Cinnamon considers it a great honor to give back to the community, and we firmly believe in the “triple-bottom line” — economic, social and environmental practices that are both sustainable and profitable.

We prioritize causes with a focus on:

  • increasing access to opportunity for youth most in need in our community
  • sustainability and social enterprise
  • apolitical research and community activities

If you don’t fit one of our categories, we may still be able to consider a contribution to your organization, but we especially care about these missions and we have a quarterly budget.

Lastly, we are only able to support charitable causes within Durham County.

Thank you for considering Cocoa Cinnamon & Little Waves Coffee, and for doing what you do. If you fit these criteria, please submit request via this form


Other general contact needs not already covered: engage [at] cocoacinnamon [dot] com



We periodically take proposals to hang art at our OND (W Geer) and LKWD (Chapel Hill Road) locations.

We show work that digs into what Cocoa Cinnamon explores and supports.

Here’s a brief description. If this applies to your work, please submit a brief proposal via engage [at] cocoacinnamon [dot] com. If we are interested or would like further info, we will get in touch.

  • the histories of coffee, chocolate, tea, spice
  • the wonder of travel
  • non-partisan discourse, thinking, research
  • participating in and building an equitable city
  • Things that interpret and interplay with the world of and behind Cocoa Cinnamon. See our What We Do page to do a little digging.


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Shops design and photography David Solow art + design.
Little Waves Coffee Roasters and Cocoa Cinnamon - Lakewood are located at 2013 Chapel Hill Road, Durham, NC 27707
Cocoa Cinnamon - Old West Durham is located at 2627 Hillsborough Road, Durham, NC 27705
Cocoa Cinnamon - Old North Durham is located at 420 W Geer Street, Durham, NC 27701
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