Apply to work with Cocoa Cinnamon LLC
Cocoa Cinnamon & Little Waves Coffee Roasters

Follow the link below if you are interested in joining our team of coffee, beverage, and select treat making professionals. We are always seeking strong well spoken individuals that have flexibility and are able to work evening, weekend and daytime shifts.
Cocoa Cinnamon LLC aims to provide regular, reliable work in a professional setting where team members work together, enjoy continued training and are able to use our service, craft and way of work program to serve guests at the highest standards. Love and sharing of Little Waves Coffee, chocolate, tea, and desserts as part of your job will require you to taste and properly prepare these items each day. 

Jobs at Cocoa Cinnamon / Little Waves Coffee Roasters take a certain type of employee to be successful; these folks are calm, able to multitask, perform self-guided in program work, train and look out for others and provide kind respectful service oriented assistance to guests.
We have a $17.60 minimum wage after an initial probationary period. For bar shifts, this means a base rate plus tips with a $17.60 per hour minimum guarantee. All off bar shifts and roles are paid at least a $17.60 minimum wage.
We are recruiting folks in bar positions who are responsible and available to work 28 to 40 hours a week with additional capacity and flexibility, most off bar positions require 40 hours+ capacity. There are key moments of the year or specific events when overtime is required. All café positions begin as front-of-house and progress to barista roles. ⁠For folks with previous experience, you may be given the chance to expedite your onboarding to barista after an initial assessment period. 
We are here to recruit team members who care for the whole and contribute where needed to keep all parts of the business running smoothly, in house production in order, strive with every move for the highest level of service, craft, and atmosphere.

We are recruiting for folks with open availability and as such, students are welcome but must have an ongoing flexible schedule. Weekend and night availability is required.
Every team member must be able, as part of their regular duties, to take care of front of house, cafe and grounds order, as well as production tasks, such as bottling syrups, dosing oat balls, putting up lights and similar tasks needed to keep the shops and roastery running well, and the team fully and safely employed.
Continued matriculation and extra matriculation training, outside of the regular work schedule, such as cuppings, supervisory meetings, and pro developments are a basic requirement of keeping work at Cocoa Cinnamon and Little Waves Coffee.

All applicants must be fully vaccinated and boosted and willing to show proof of vaccination.
We are a Latina led, women-forward team that celebrates and thrives in diversity.⁠

If you have any questions about the application or application process, please e-mail work (at) cocoacinnamon (dot) com or work (at) littlewaves (dot) coffee (for advertised roastery positions only). For leadership and roastery postions, please submit a cover letter and full resume to the appicalbe email. We do not respond to application questions via DM or social media.
Use this application via Google Forms to apply for all positions. You may follow up by email with one inquiry following your properly submitted application.
We thank you for applying. You should receive a confirmation via our email system when you apply. Thank you!