Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cocoa Cinnamon Phase 2 Re-Opening FAQs

    • Must I wear a mask just to pickup from one of the Cocoa Cinnamon retail locations? Yes. Masks are required at all times indoors at our shops. Please maintain 6 foot physical distance from anyone you did not come with.
    • If I'm vaccinated, why must I wear my mask inside the building at all times? There are many reasons. First, we have immune-suppressed team and family members. Wearing a mask is easy. We prefer to play it on the safe side.
    • Does my child need to wear a mask? Anyone 2 years and older must wear a mask inside of our building.
    • May I sit and stay outside at the shops? Yes! We have expanded outdoor seating at all locations. 
    • When will we open for inside seating? This is a combo of two things: keeping an eye on stats and variants and finishing up some interior updates while we have the chance. We don't have indoor seating yet and with Delta surging don't yet know when we will. We will update here, in our newsletter and online when we do. We will continue to keep our team and public's safety first and very much appreciate your support in doing so.
    • What is the internet code? There will be a new code listed at all shops on the hanging menu or other easily visible location. We plan on changing it up every month or so.
    • When will you bring back night hours? We're going to take this step and take it from there. We've had a solid team through the pandemic, folks who've worked hard, held together strong. We also had some folks who had plans pre-COVID now implement them. So we are building capacity along with our other projects described above and will take deliberate steps to recruit and train well in a deliberate fashion and timed to meet some exciting product developments.
    • Will you revert to a previous "phase" if cases spike again? What we know is that we will always look at safety and team employment carefully, as well as supporting our independent vendors and coffee producers. We will track how things go and act accordingly to the best of our ability accounting for risk levels, access to immunity, and other factors.
    • How can we help smooth transitions as you take this and other re-opening steps? The most important thing is to be kind to our team. They work hard and also experience the hardship that we all have in the last year, and yet they've been working with the public the whole time. 99% of our guests are truly amazing, but a handful can be rough and make the work quite difficult for our team, or not take the time to consider why we have been so cautious, or why we are deliberate in our step taking. We ask you to take the time to know that every move we make is carefully considered with a variety of factors. We also take team input into account and though it may at times slow us, we believe we are better for it in the long run.
    • Why did my in-shop purchase include 20% gratuity?
        • It's been deeply challenging over the last months to keep our team and the public safe, while being sure we can keep everyone paid at livable wages and work to be sure we can stay in business. 
        • We put signs up at the shops to make sure folks know that if they would like to customize the tip they can order via online or via our app (even when at the shop). This has helped when folks are buying more expensive pieces of equipment and didn't want us to have to ship it from the roastery.
        • Go here to order ahead online or via our app to customize gratuity and still help us remain contactless. 
Keep being part of us building stronger foundations for the next time the unimaginable arises. Here are three easy ways:

1. Join our Little Waves Coffee subscription program
Just as buying from coffee producers year after year enables them to focus on quality, secure operations, and sustainability, so do your subscriptions for us.
2. Recommend our Little Waves Coffee wholesale program
We work with coffee shops, bakeries, businesses, institutions, and offices. Referrals can connect with us at
3. Start a little wave of joy by sending coffee to someone you love. 
Help us grow awareness of Little Waves Coffee by giving someone a delicious gift that makes an impact. #rootedreverberations 

Please remember, though we've focused on safety and prudence through the pandemic, our mission and goals are the same: 
  • Provide a simple, adventurous, wondrous experience that meets the guest where they are. 
  • Recruit and employ a team that is diverse as our city and works to invite as broad of an audience as we can. 
  • Use our purchases and sales, in our shops and our roastery Little Waves Coffee Roasters to create a net positive and always improving impact.


Additional FAQs

    • Why does my e-gift card no longer work for online orders for Brick & Mortar pickup?
      • The move to online for Covid-19 was a deep challenge with lots of glitches from Square. It got to the point that we needed to change platforms including adding a new Cocoa Cinnamon App, which made things much smoother and easier all around. Square e-gift cards do still work for walkup orders, but are not compatible with our new online ordering system. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we needed to make this move to avoid continued interruptions. 
      • What non dairy items do you carry?
      • Are the churros vegan?
        • Yes! There are no animal products used in the churros, Ice Cream can also frequently be served vegan with the churros as well. The sugar is also vegan.
      • How can I call you?
        • The Google Voice number for matters related to Cocoa Cinnamon, our retail locations is (919) 697-8990, but the best way to contact is via a Connect Form or . Our goal is to get back to all questions and requests as quickly as possible within the means of our small company. See below for matters related to our roastery, Little Waves Coffee and orders purchased via the SHOP section of this website.
        • Do you do catering?
          • Not at this time. 
        • Can I order to pickup from the shops ahead of time?
      • Why do you have so many foreign names and words on your menus?
        • For us, the shops are driven by an experience that is amazed by the marvel of cities and the roots of languages, whose blood rushes in the awe of landscapes, the wonder of travel and the history, colors, textures, and stories of coffee, chocolate, and tea. We make drinks after these histories and after the characters that inspire us, those who remind us of the beauty and possibility of humanity. The menus go back to the historical roots of coffee, chocolate, and tea and play from there within this spirit.


      Little Waves Coffee Roasters FAQs

        • Little Waves Coffee Shipping Schedule: We roast our coffees to order Tuesdays & Thursdays & ship out Wednesdays & Fridays.
        • Do you deliver? You can order our bags of whole bean from the shop section of our website, roasted coffee for delivery for personal use (with quantity limitations) as well as wholesale in our local delivery zone.
        • I own a business. How do I connect to get info about a Little Waves Coffee Wholesale Account? We work closely with businesses who care about quality ethically sourced and roasted coffee. Connect with us and introduce yourself and company via contact form at the bottom of this page:
        • Returns
          • For brew gear, merchandise and/or apparel:
            • If the brew gear, merchandise or apparel is defective or broken upon arrival, you may return or exchange the product within 30 days of purchase. If you would like to make a return on brew equipment, merchandise or apparel that is not broken or defective, the product must be unused, in its original packaging within 30 days of purchase. If we receive the product and it appears to be used you will not be refunded. Little Waves Coffee does not cover the return shipping cost for the product. For international packages, we are willing to replace merchandise damaged in transit. However, we would need the damaged goods returned and unfortunately we can not cover the shipping costs. Please contact partners@littlewaves.coffe and a Little Waves representative will get back to you with further information.
          • For coffee purchases:
            • We cannot guarantee refunds on coffee purchases. If you have purchased coffee beans from Little Waves Coffee and are not satisfied or if you have purchased a coffee subscription and wish to cancel the remainder due to dissatisfaction, please email and a Little Waves representative will get back to you with further information.