Mokha Java
Mokha Java

Mokha Java

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Origin: Blend of 50% Mexico, 50% Ethiopia

Notes: Full, creamy body with notes of peaches and cream, lemon meringue, white chocolate

This coffee is inspired by the original coffee blend, coffee from Yemen and Java. Because we keep everything seasonally fresh, the origins of the components always shift in and out and we strive to keep it as true to the original blend as possible. This is a great blend for those who like to drink their coffee black or with milk! 

Recommended Brew Ratios:
Espresso: 1:2 - 1:2.1 (17.5-18g in, 35-38 out, 25-28 seconds)
Filter: 1:16.0
Batch Brew: 1:16.0

*If you would like this coffee ground, please specify brew method in comments.