Iced Pourover Brew Guide
Iced Pourover Brew Guide

Iced Pourover Brew Guide

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Flash-chilling refreshes your iced coffee experience with brightness and clarity. 

Using hot water to brew a Kalita Wave 185 pour over directly onto ice creates a uniquely bright, refreshing experience. Featuring an unbreakable stainless steel construction, ideal flow rate, and perfectly-fitted "cupcake" paper filters, the Wave is a great choice for iced coffee brewing. Explore the Wave here (for Durham-based pick-up) and Brew Gear for more.

Recommended Brewing Parameters

Brewing Volume: 12 - 20 fl oz

Coffee Brewing Ratio (Grounds:Poured Water): 1:9 - 1:8

Ice Under Pour Over Drip: 100 - 150g

Ice in Your Cup: Fill cup most of the way with ice.

Grind: Medium (Table Salt)

Brewing Time: 2.5 - 3 minutes

Brewing Temperature: Set Kettle to 205℉ 


1. Think about how much coffee you'd like to brew (12 - 20 fl oz). The equivalent amount of Poured Water will be 225 - 350g. Begin heating this amount of water and just a little more, ideally in BonaVITA Variable Temperature Kettle.

2. Divide your Poured Water number by 8 for a stronger cup and 9 for a weaker cup (or anywhere in-between the two Coffee Brewing Ratios) to figure out how much ground coffee you should use. Grind this amount of fresh, whole bean coffee medium-coarsely (roughly the size of table salt). 

3. Place a 1 Liter decanter or favorite glass (at least 12 - 20 fl oz in volume to avoid overflow) on a scale and tare to zero. Weigh out 100 - 150g of ice into your decanter / glass.

4. Place your Kalita Wave 185 on the decanter / glass, gently drop one Kalita paper filter in the brewer, then set the whole kit on a scale and tare to zero.

5. Weigh out your ground coffee dose and tare to zero. When your kettle is at 205℉, you are ready to pour in three stages.

6. Start a timer and begin pouring slowly from about four inches above the bed of grounds, right into the center. Your pour should be straight up-and-down and move in slow, concentric circles roughly the size of a silver dollar. If your pour has an arc, then you are likely pouring too quickly. The amount of your first pour is determined by multiplying your dose times two. Ex. Dosed 30g of ground coffee? Your first pour should be 60g of water.

7. At 0:45 seconds into brewing, begin your second pour. Maintain the same pouring dynamics as above, but this time, pour until you are 2/3rds of the way through with your Poured Water amount. Ex. Pour to 250g on the scale if your total Poured Water will be 350g at finish.

8. At 2:00 minutes into brewing, begin your third and final pour. This time, begin by pouring around the rim of the Wave's filter, drawing all coffee grounds down into the slurry. Once done, resume your centered pouring dynamics as described in #7. It is very important you stop pouring when your pre-determined Poured Water amount has been reached.

9. Note what time the coffee finishes dripping out - it should be around 2.5 - 3 minutes. If the brewing finishes earlier, consider whether your pour was slow and steady enough. If your pour was slow enough, you likely need to grind a little finer.

10. As you swirl your finished brew, most of the ice should be melted and your coffee should be chilled. The final step is to fill your favorite glass with ice, then decant your flash-chilled coffee. Stir x3 to make it extra chilly!

11. Smell and taste the brew. Iced Little Waves coffees should exhibit a nice sweetness (like honey, caramel, ripe fruit), a moderately intense aroma, and medium body with a silky, sometimes juicy mouthfeel. 

12. If the coffee tastes overly bitter (unlikely with this method), consider coarsening your grind one notch. If it tastes overly sour (somewhat more likely), consider fining your grind one notch. If it feels weak, consider using a slightly stronger Coffee Brewing Ratio. If the coffee feels strong (unlikely with this method), consider using a slightly weaker CBR (always within the 1:16 - 1:15 range).

13. Most importantly, enjoy your freshly brewed iced coffee!