Minor Miracles
Minor Miracles

Minor Miracles

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Name: Minor Miracles 
Origin: Blend of 40% Natural Mexico, 30% Colombia, 30% Papua New Guinea

Notes: black cherry,  cinnamon, sugar glazed cashews, pomegranate aftertaste

Recommended Brewing Ratios:
Espresso: 1:2 - 1:2.1 (17.5-18g in, 35-38 out, 25-28 seconds)
Filter: 1:16
Batch Brew: 1:16

A minor miracle can be the result of an approach to the world. It can be the feeling of relief and rejuvenation after a long privation. 

It can be living in uncertainty and still seeing assets over deficits. It can be an excuse to breathe deeply, put your worries aside, and feel joy and love with others.

It can be feeling grateful for the goodness of others and people leaning into the beautiful, wondrous plurality of people, world, and universe. 

Some days, it’s just managing to get out of bed, or catching the bus right as it pulls up. Maybe it's finally nailing that recipe, talking to someone you admire and are seeing for the first in a long time, or connecting with the person you used to run into at the cafe. 

Minor miracles will be personal to you.

We hope that our holiday blend helps evoke feelings of gratitude, kindness, and love, and a willingness to extend those gifts to the people in your life. We hope you can share it with others, safely in person or by sending them some and savoring it in unison.

Happy holidays, y’all. We're so thankful for all of you!


*If you would like this coffee ground, please specify the brew method in the comments. 

Bags are 12oz, 2lb, 5lb