Auto-Dripper Brew Guide
Auto-Dripper Brew Guide
Auto-Dripper Brew Guide
Auto-Dripper Brew Guide

Auto-Dripper Brew Guide

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The BonaVITA 8 cup One Touch Stainless Steel Brewer 1900TS is a perfectly simple and effective auto-dripper for your at-home coffee brewing.

Featuring a high-quality water boiler, well-insulated thermal carafe, and highly-repeatable brews, the 1900TS makes light work of batch brewing at home. Explore the 1900TS and more at our Brew Gear site.

Recommended Brewing Parameters

Brewing Volume: 4 - 8 cups

Coffee Brewing Ratio (Grounds:Poured Water): 1:17 - 1:15

Grind: Medium-Coarse

Brewing Time: 4.5 - 6 minutes

Brewing Temperature: Internally set!


1. Think about how much coffee you'd like to brew (4 - 8 cups). 4 cups = 650 ml, 6 cups = 1000 ml, 8 cups = 1300 ml

2. Divide your Water Volume (ml) number by 15 for a stronger cup and 17 for a weaker cup (or anywhere in-between the two Coffee Brewing Ratios) to figure out how much ground coffee you should use. Grind this amount of fresh, wholebean coffee medium-coarsely (roughly the size of kosher salt). 

3. Gently set one paper filter in the dripper basket, then set on a scale and tare to zero.

4. Weigh out your ground coffee dose, then gently shake the ground coffee down to level.

5. Center the dripper basket on the carafe, then place the entire stack under the brewer's shower head. Turn the brewer on and go do something else for 4-6 minutes!

9. After you return, discard the spent grounds into the compost, then swirl the carafe to mix. Always swirl before you serve to enjoy a well-mixed brew.

10. Smell the resulting brew and once it is cool enough, taste it. Little Waves coffees should exhibit a nice sweetness (like honey, caramel, or ripe fruit), a moderately intense aroma, and medium-full body with a balanced mouthfeel. If the coffee tastes overly bitter, consider coarsening your grind one notch. If it tastes overly sour, consider fining your grind one notch. If it feels weak, consider using a slightly stronger Coffee Brewing Ratio. If the coffee feels strong, consider using a slightly weaker CBR (always within the 1:17 - 1:15 range).

11. Most importantly, enjoy your freshly brewed coffee!