East African Coffee Set
East African Coffee Set

East African Coffee Set

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Welcome to our East African boxset, featuring three different coffees from countries producing some of the most vibrant and complex coffees around. It made perfect sense to put together a box set honoring this vibrancy, character, and all around fun - characteristics shared by the summer season.

We’re including coffees from Ethiopia, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And though these countries encompass the same region, their characteristics are diverse, complex, and a great exploration of how many amazing coffees are coming out of this region every year. We’re featuring:

Dinkinesh: Yukro, from the Jimma Zone of Ethiopia. 99% of the genetic material contained in arabica coffees can be traced to Ethiopian landraces. Landraces are different from varieties because they’ve been cultivated in their natural environments and not cross-bred with another variety. These landraces produce some of the most vibrant and beautiful flavors we taste in coffee today: Yukro features bright and well-rounded acidity, with notes of pomegranate, lemonade, and blood orange.

Uganda Masira is a naturally processed coffee. Because this processing method involves leaving the fruit to dry on the bean, the Masira boasts ultra-sweet fruity flavors. We taste unmistakeable notes of grape candy and sweet, ripe pineapple. This coffee is unbelievably delicious as an iced coffee!

Kivu Muungano, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is the first coffee we’ve purchased from the region. If you’ve ever had a fancy Old Fashioned cocktail, you’ll be reminded of the juicy luxardo cherry taste in this coffee. We also taste golden raisin and buttercream frosting. The DRC’s coffee industry is slowly growing, and we’re so excited to see how quality continues to improve.