Discourse & Dissent: Contrasting Coffees Box Set

Discourse & Dissent: Contrasting Coffees Box Set

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Discourse & Dissent is a Box Set series of two rotating coffees from different areas of the tasting spectrum. Our second set of the series features two differently processed coffees from La Palma-Citála: one washed, and one honey.
Check out this 5-minute video in which our Director of Coffee Quality and Innovation discusses how processing affects each of the coffee's flavor.

We launched the Discourse & Dissent box as an opportunity for us all to consider freedom, freedom to and freedom from. We live in a time when the basic freedoms that are supposed to be guaranteed to all are being tested, called out for their deep, historical, and present-day shortcomings, false uses, and manipulations. At the same time, many in our society are using the freedoms that we do have to push and drive our representatives and society as a whole to become more equal. We are proud of freedoms that we do have, yet know how flawed they are and that it is our duty to create and insist upon the opportunity for freedom for every single person in our society. 

Discourse and dissent have played key roles in the foundations and building of the better parts of our society since our inception. Discourse and dissent drive us forward, closer to freedom, practices that our nation is founded upon, and that we need to cultivate as norms in our society, knowing they are basic elements of patriotism.

In this round, we get to explore variety and process. Though each coffee is from the same place, these few key differences add dimension to their taste experiences. The honey processed version consists of Pacas and Bourbon varieties, while the washed is only Pacas. It’s always fascinating to see how a single variety added to another can rewrite a coffee’s profile; processing adds another layer to that newly-written flavor profile. Through tasting and engaging with both we learn about our own preferences about the beauties of the differences in the coffees. Difference begets pleasure, contrast adds color to the lens through which we see, taste, and experience. This is true for us in coffee and in living.

Read the full story of how we came up with the series on the blog