Rwanda Bugoyi Honey Process

Rwanda Bugoyi Honey Process

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Notes of fig jam, honey, and red plum make this coffee from Rwanda pop!

Honey processed coffees from the Bugoyi washing station are pulped without the use of water, leaving some of the cherry’s mucilage attached to the seeds. After the removal of this mucilage, the coffees are moved to shaded drying beds for 48-72 hours, which sets the coffees up for success on the full-sun drying beds by beginning the drying process very slowly. Total drying time for honey processed coffees is about 40-45 days.

Bugoyi sits on the shores of Lake Kivu in a region that receives soft sunlight and beautiful cool winds from the lake. A handful of the farmers in the area live on islands and actually deliver their coffee by boat!

*IF you would like this coffee ground, please specify brew method in comments.

  Bags are 12oz/340g