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Río de Estrellas

Río de Estrellas

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Name: Rio de Estrellas
Origin: La Palma-Citalá, Chalatenango
Notes: Chocolate cake, Fuji apple, smooth body

Farm: Los Chelazos
Producers: Small-scale producers 
Process: Washed
Varities: Bourbon, Pacas
Altitude: 1,300-1,700 MASL

Río de Estrellas comes from the region of Chalatenango. Hard hit by coffee rust disease in the early 2010's, the region has been recovering well and producing exemplary coffees. Our partners at Caravela Coffee have been working diligently with producers in the region to allow the best coffees to shine through. Their work with Los Chelazos, which started in 2012, has given producers access to both a buying station and a cupping lab to focus on quality while receiving better prices for that increased quality.

We chose to name this coffee Río de Estrellas to honor the beautiful region this coffee grows in. In the Mayan-Ch'orti' language, Citalá itself means river of stars. Part of the Montecristo Trifinio biosphere reserve, the surrounding area is flush with flora and fauna living in beautiful cloud forests.