Online Class - Everything Iced Coffee - UPON REQUEST

Online Class - Everything Iced Coffee - UPON REQUEST

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This is a live Online "All Levels" Class 
that will take place on
1 hour
*Registration closes 1 hour before the class begins*

Join us for an "All Levels" class that gets you hands-on making sweet, flavorful iced coffees! We'll start with the instructor covering the fundamentals of different iced coffee methods. From overnight cold brew to flash chill, the instructor will demonstrate each, then open up the class to attendee video participation (where you can practice any of the cold methods on the live-stream) and offer supportive feedback! To attend class, you are not required to participate in the video component, though we encourage it! If you'd like to practice on the live-stream, you'll need the following:
1. Whole bean coffee, a grinder (or pre-ground coffee), and fresh, filtered water (room temperature for cold brew and 205F for flash chill).
2. Your brew method of choice like a small Toddy Cold Brew system, a mason jar for cold brewing, or any hot brewing method (pour over, auto-dripper, French press, and more) for brewing over ice.
3. Ice!

As you are paying for this class, please leave your e-mail address in the Check Out information and 1 hour before the class, we will email you a Zoom link and instructions.  If you do not receive this e-mail about 1 hour beforehand, please check your Spam box. If not there, e-mail and we will resend ASAP. If you experience connectivity issues, please click on "Let's Chat!" in the bottom-right corner of this or any Little Waves webpage and Little Waves staff will be there to help!
Register your user profile on Zoom (if you haven't already), follow the instructions, and join the class via the link you received! You'll need a computer or smart phone with the free, downloadable Zoom app (or even a web browser) to join in. 
*If you are registering for someone else, please leave their e-mail address in the Notes section of your check-out cart. 

* Please note that the instructor will be live via A/V and chat. Class attendees will be able to see/hear/text with the live instructor, though your camera/mic does not have to be on (there are times during this class' at-home activities and Q&A that you may choose to engage your camera/mic). You will be able to communicate the entire time via the chat bar in the Zoom platform!