Limited Edwin Noreña Set

Limited Edwin Noreña Set

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This is a super special gift for the coffee lovers in your life. This coffee is a uniquely processed coffee by a very talented producer in Quindio, Colombia. We’ve paired it with our You Are Marvelous Everywhere Carter mug.


*If you order more than one box set going to the same place, please let us know in the notes if you would like each set to be packaged individually or if we can package them in bulk.  

More about the coffee:

Name: Edwin Enrique Noreña Pink Bourbon
Region: Quindio Department, Colombia
Notes: Grape Juice, Guava, Raspberry, Gummy Bears, in a bright, unique, and juicy cup

Producer: Edwin Enrique Noreña
Farm: Finca Campo Hermoso
Processing: Red Honey (purple wine yeast fermentation)
Varieties: Pink Bourbon
Altitude: 1,550 MASL

Brew Ratios: For pourovers, try a 1:16 ratio. A 1:2.2 ratio will work best for espresso.

We're back at it with our Limited Reserves of coffee from this expert in coffee and fermentation. The flavor notes we caught on the table evoked some of our team’s favorite sweet things. We tasted grape juice, guava, raspberries, bright citrus, and tons of tropical fruit. It’s a unique flavor profile, and that flavor profile is emphasized by the unique processing method that Edwin Noreña employs. This year Edwin went with a red honey processing approach to this pink bourbon variety, which is grown in Huila at 1800 meters above sea level, and implemented purple wine yeast (after some trials with white, yellow, and red wine yeast) in the fermentation process. 


It goes a little something like this:

First, the coffee cherries are put in water so that floaters (unripe/non-dense cherries) can be removed. Then the cherries spend 96 hours in sealed tanks with a one-way valve. Some of the run-off from this process is captured, filtered, and reintroduced in the next step (in the wine world, this process is called “mosto”). The mosto is removed, filtered, and set aside, and the coffee cherries are dry pulped (not washed) to a red honey level of mucilage.

Next the pulped cherries are re-introduced to the mosto, this time with the purple wine yeast into one-way valve tanks so that oxygen can escape for 72 hours. 

Then he adds glucose, grapes, and dried fruit (figs, raisins, prunes) to help extend and slow the fermentation. After all of that is done to perfection the beans are dried on the patio 100% by the sun in 15 days' time. 

Edwin Noreña is an absolute consummate professional. He is 3rd gen coffee producer, a trained agronomist, certified Q-grader, and is a sought-after Cup of Excellence judge. Quality and repeatability are the names of the game here. He’s developing these processes based on research and science, and it’s in his greatest interest to provide a jaw-dropping, defect-free cup. We hope you enjoy this special coffee with a special someone.

Bags are 10 oz.