La Flor del Guayacán
La Flor del Guayacán
La Flor del Guayacán

La Flor del Guayacán

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Name: La Flor del Guayacán
Region: San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru
Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate and marzipan with a sweet, vibrant acidity

Producers: Over 400 producers
Process: Washed
Varieties: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra
Altitude: 1,700 - 2,000 MASL
Roast: Medium

Brewing Specs
Filter: 1:16
Pour Over: 1:15.2
Espresso: 1:2 - 1:2.1

Cooperative de Servicios Múltiples Aprocassi (Aprocassi) is composed of over 400 small-scale coffee growers. Founded in 2000, they even developed their own financing arm (Aprocredit), to help associates cover unexpected costs or invest in farm improvements. Through this community-based groups, these producers have been able to seek out specialty markets for their coffee and continue to increase quality through farm improvements and cupping individual producer lots.

This is the second year we’ve featured this coffee on our menu. When we tasted it for the first time, we decided to name it La Flor del Guayacán because of its beautiful vibrancy. Peruvian coffees continue to exceed expectations year after year and this is no exception. 


*IF you would like this coffee ground, please specify brew method in comments. 

Bags are 12oz/340g