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Kimaratia AA Kenya

Kimaratia AA Kenya

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Name: Kenya Kimaratia AA
Region: Kiambu County, Kenya
Tasting Notes: Blackcurrant, grapefruit, and brown sugar in a sweet, full-bodied cup

Producers: Kimaratia Farmers' Cooperative Society
Process: Fully Washed
Variety: SL28, SL34
Altitude: 1,750 - 1,900 MASL

Brewing Specs: For pourovers, a 1:15.6 ratio makes the acidity pop on this coffee and emphasizes sweetness . On espresso, a 1:2 - 1:2.1 ratio balances out the tart acidity and focuses on sugar-browning characteristics.

More: The Kenya Kimaratia embodies all that we love about Kenyan coffees. Its acidity is big, complex, and full of juiciness - but not at the expense of mouthfeel. All things considered, this coffee turns it up to eleven in terms of sweetness, acidity, and body, and it does so with beautiful balance.

There are a lot of variables that combine to make Kenyan coffees some of the best in the world. Unique varieties, ideal growing conditions, and its distinctive double fermentation style for washed process coffees.

The Kimaratia Farmer’s Cooperative Society produced this specific microlot from Kiambu County, located in the central highlands of Kenya. 2,200 smallholder farmers deliver to the cooperative’s three mills, the Gachika, Gitare, and Gichuka Factories.
*IF you would like this coffee ground, please specify brew method in comments.