Juan Encalada Sumalave
Juan Encalada Sumalave

Juan Encalada Sumalave

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Name: Juan Enacalada Sumalave 
Region: Calca, Cusco, Peru
Tasting Notes: dark chocolate, macintosh apple, honey, and cinnamon

Farm: San Antonio
Process: Washed
Varieties: Typica, Bourbon
Altitude: 1,600 MASL 
Roast: Medium

Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic

Recommended Brew Ratios:
Espresso: 1:2 - 1:2.1 (17.5-18g in, 35-38 out, 25-28 seconds)
Filter: 1:15.2
Batch Brew: 1:16

This lot from producer Juan Encalada Sumalave is one of our favorite examples of what a Peruvian coffee can be. It’s a daily drinker that fits solidly within the full-bodied and chocolatey spectrum, but also offers a pleasing, balanced depth that we love. Notes of dark chocolate, macintosh apple, honey, and cinnamon combine to create a cup that's perfect for all types of coffee lovers.

Juan Encalada’s farm is just 5 hectares, and sits at 1,600 MASL. They work with Valle Inca, a producer group that reinvests in the community’s infrastructure to help improve quality and pays higher prices than farmers had access to before; higher prices are crucial not just to the well-being of the community, but also for the growth of quality.

*IF you would like this coffee ground, please specify brew method in comments. 

Bags are 12oz, 2lb, 5lb