Easy Like Sunday Morning Set
Easy Like Sunday Morning Set

Easy Like Sunday Morning Set

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Easy Like Sunday Morning

If you're like us and sometimes just want to push a magical button that brews great coffee and grinds coffee with precision for the best results. This set is for you! 

-The BonaVita 1900TS 8 cup, one-touch brewer with a thermal carafe is a Specialty Coffee Association certified brewer to brew to Golden Cup Standard. It has curated features, like a large shower head for even distribution and extraction, that mimic the pour-over brewing method for exceptional results. The Golden Cup Standard was originally developed to determine how to best define coffee quality, the Golden Cup Standard established a relationship between objective measurements and popular preferences for ideal coffee flavor intensity and brew strength.

-The Baratza Encore Grinder is one of the best entry-level home grinders on the market. Baratza is well-known for the quality of their grinders and for their phenomenal customer service. The end result is a grinder that offers great precision for everything from espresso to French Press, and consistency from cup to cup. Simply put your beans in the hopper, set the grind setting of your choice and watch the magic happen.

-With this Easy Set you will receive a bag of Roaster's Choice Little Waves Coffee to get you started. 

-If you want to up the level of luxury and comfort for your home brewing experience and are a cold coffee drinker, add the ColdWave Pitcher. This brilliant piece of equipment allows you to take your freshly hot brewed coffee from your BV1900TS and turn it into a smooth cold coffee without diluting it. The ColdWave is also easy peasy. It consists of two parts: The Pitcher and The Insert, that is kept in the freezer until you are ready to use it.