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Name: Danipaguache 
Origin: Xoxocotlán, Santa Cruz, Oaxaca, México
Notes : Cashew, chocolate, plum-like acidity

Producer: Small-scale local producers from Xoxocotlán
Process: Fully washed
Varieties: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra, Mundo Novo
Altitude: 1,700 - 1,900 MASL

Brew Specs: A 1:16 ratio works perfectly and captures all the characteristic balance of Mexican coffees. Espresso will work well at a 1:1.8 ratio.

More: Danipaguache is a collection of coffees from producers near the city of Oaxaca. All of these small-scale farms are organic and produce amazing coffees. The picking is done by all members of the families, as they consider their coffee a family business. Danipaguache refers to the Zapotec name for the ruins, Monte Albán, located about 9km from Oaxaca. These ruins, which date back to about 500 B.C., are the remains of one of the earliest cities in Mesoamerica. They sit on a ridge in the central part of the valley of Oaxaca and can be seen from anywhere in the valley.