Aponte's Guardians, Colombia
Aponte's Guardians, Colombia

Aponte's Guardians, Colombia

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Name: Aponte's Guardians
Region: El Tablón-Aponte, Nariño, Colombia
Notes: wild berries, orange peel, vanilla, juicy

Producers: Chilito Family
Process: Washed
Varieties: Caturra, Colombia
Altitude: 1,800 - 2,100 MASL

Brew Ratios: For pourovers, try a 1:16.0 ratio. A 1:2.1 ratio will work best for espresso.

We're beyond thrilled to partner with Forest Coffee to source beautiful and unique coffees from Colombia. This coffee wowed us on the cupping table due to its tropical and juicy flavors. 

This coffee is one of the jewels guarded and produced by the Inga tribe, in the town El Tablón-Aponte in Nariño. The Chilito Family grows it in the highest parts of Aponte's coffee production regions. The name is in honor of the relentless effort of the Inga tribe to preserve and take care of the earth making them "The Guardians" of their lands. 

In the Southeast of Colombia, in the region of Nariño, the Inga tribe lives in Aponte, from the Inca civilization which expanded a long time ago by the Andes trails. This indigenous community has strong pillars towards Mother Earth and preserving the wildlife and their customs.

It's a region that was strongly hit by the "Guerillas" in the past, and had many difficulties staying ahead of all these problems.

Nonetheless, the Inga peoples of Aponte have become very famous for their production of coffee, and most of all for their honey processes, which have brought a whole new face to their name and many opportunities to grow and preserve their lands in the best way possible.

We're ecstatic to start this relationship and even more to share it with you! 

*IF you would like this coffee ground, please specify brew method in comments. 

Bags are 12oz/340g, 2 lbs. & 5 lbs.