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  • FAQ 
    • What non dairy items do we carry?
    • Are the churros vegan?
      • Yes! There is no dairy in the churros and Ice Cream can also be served vegan with the churros as well. The sugar is also vegan.
    • How can I call you?
      • Our Google Voice number is (919) 697-8990, but the best way to contact is via a Connect Form or . Our goal is to get back to all questions and requests as quickly as possible within the means of our small company.
    • Do you deliver?
      • Not yet but working on it.
      • You can order our bags of whole bean, roasted coffee for delivery for personal use (with quantity limitations) as well as whole.
        • Interested in opening a wholesale account?  Follow this link to apply, we would love to hear from you!
    • Do you do catering?
      • Not at this time. 
    • Can i order churros ahead of time?
      • Yes, you can order for large pick up orders via the shop button on our website.
    • Why do you have so many foreign names and words on your menus
      • For us, the shops are driven by an experience that is amazed by the marvel of cities and the roots of languages, whose blood rushes in the awe of landscapes, the wonder of travel and the history, colors, textures, and stories of coffee, chocolate, and tea. We make drinks after these histories and after the characters that inspire us, those who remind us of the beauty and possibility of humanity. The menus go back to the historical roots of coffee, chocolate and tea and play from there in this spirit.