Little Waves Coffee Zip Codes Shipped to since 3/15/2020 - Map

This is a map of every place where we have shipped coffee since March 15th, 2020 until now. 

On that day, we announced that we needed to sell 230 bags of Little Waves Coffee a day to ensure that we could pay our wage team a livable wage and basic bills through the covid-19 crisis. While we have pivoted since then, all of you have helped us keep our team safely and fully employed and to continue expressing our mission. 

We are now dedicating ourselves to building a larger base of Little Waves Coffee subscriptions and adding new wholesale accounts to share out beautiful program of select relationship coffees and create foundational legs to ensure keeping to keep building our system of rooted reverberations more and more truly.

Will you come an our coffee adventure with us and become a sustainer?

Our guests, friends, family near and far have stepped up and have continued to amaze us! 

At the end of March, 2020 we started prompting people to start a little wave. While it started as a pandemic strategy, it lives on as something more beautiful!

How to start a Little Wave -⁠

  1. Send coffee to a loved one via⁠
  2. Share in the joy, warmth and surprise of a coffee that has beauty and sustainable reverberations embedded in it.
  3. Ask your friend to pay it forward!⁠
  4. Etc. Etc. Etc.⁠

This program is meant to spread comfort and joy while participating in the rooted reverberations that integrate through the repeated buying, selling, and decision making in our system, including green coffee purchases and livable wages for our team.

Y'all have taken this to heart and folks are making so many little waves. All of what you have been doing has been fueling us and from your notes we have heard that it is fueling you. We'd love to hear from you by sending us your notes and telling us where your little waves have gone and why. 

Thanks to all who have been participating in our cup to crop mission and sharing Little Waves with yourself, your loved ones and friends!