You Are Marvelous Box Set
You Are Marvelous Box Set

You Are Marvelous Box Set

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We wanted to share our favorite Ethiopian selections with you in this Dinkinesh Box Set. 

All of our Ethiopian coffees are under the Dinkinesh name, which means "You are Marvelous" in Amharic, one of the languages of Ethiopia, and references Lucy, the famous pre-human Australopithecus skeleton. We think it's the perfect name: Ethiopia is also the birthplace of coffee, and many trees still grow wild there. Almost every variety of coffee out in the world today is descended from Ethiopian coffees.

These coffees are complex, delicate, and dynamic, and each offers something new and different. We've included three of our Dinkinesh offerings as a beautiful example of this complexity.
  • GOGUGU: a sweet coffee with candied berries in a jammy cup. 
  • YABITU KOBA: the highest elevation we have carried and it tastes like a sweet white peach with some acidity in an easy drinking cup.
  • HALO HARTUME: gives some of the classic Yirgacheffe characteristics but with a bright acidity akin to hibiscus.


We recommend tasting them side by side for a fun experience.