Ancestral Connections Box Set
Ancestral Connections Box Set

Ancestral Connections Box Set

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*If you order more than one box set going to the same place, please let us know in the notes if you would like each set to be packaged individually or if we can package them in bulk.  

With this set, we want to invite you to celebrate and partake in our Mexican heritage with us. We've put together a few items that we feel capture the essence of our cultura and we're delighted that you are interested in sharing this experience with us!  
The Ancestral Connections set includes:
  • A 12oz. bag of Mayan Harvest Bella Vista Women's Group or Tierra de mi Padre
  • Copal and a Charcoal disc
  • Piloncillo and Canela to make a pot of café de olla
  • Heart Driven Sticker Sheet + more stickers
  • A QR code to a Playlist
  • Instructions card

May the coffee bring you joy, the copal raise your vibrations and the playlist help release any stagnant energy. -Areli