Río de Estrellas, El Salvador
Río de Estrellas, El Salvador

Río de Estrellas, El Salvador

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Origin: La Palma-Citalá, Chalatenango, El Salavador
Producers: Small-scale producers
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: German chocolate cake, sweet lemon, orange zest, in a buttery cup
Varieties: Pacas
Altitude: 1,300-1,700 MASL

Recommended Brew Ratios:


1:2.0 - 1:2.1 (17.5-18g in, 35-48g out, 25-28 seconds)

Filter: 1:16.0

Batch Brew: 1:16.0

Every year, the coffees from the Chalatenango region of El Salvador get better and better, and so it goes without saying that we had to bring back Río de Estrellas for another year.  We’re all kind of in love with this coffee.

We called it Río de Estrellas as a nod to the meaning of Citalá iMayan-Ch’orti’ language which means “the river of the stars” and to reference the beauty of the Montecristo Trifinio massif, a small cluster of mountains and a beautiful biosphere rich with diverse flora and fauna. Montecristo Trifinio shares borders with Guatemala and Honduras, where its protection is a joint initiative of the three countries.

The coffee itself comes from two cities within this region, Citalá and La Palma. Our importing partners at Caravela Coffee has been developing relationships with producers in this area since 2012, eventually opening up a cupping lab in La Palma in 2015. And as ever, the proof is in the cup.