Los Nogales Decaf Caturra - Mucilage EA - Colombia
Los Nogales Decaf Caturra - Mucilage EA - Colombia
Los Nogales Decaf Caturra - Mucilage EA - Colombia

Los Nogales Decaf Caturra - Mucilage EA - Colombia

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We have a limited amount of this decaf so we roast it on Wednesdays only to consolidate orders and for maximum freshness. 

Name: Los Nogales Decaf
Region: Pitalito,Huila, Colombia
Notes: sweet boba tea, vibrant rose, cherry, mango, nectarine
Producer: Oscar Hernández
Processing: Mucilage EA Decaf
Variety: Caturra
Altitude: 1,750-1,950 MASL

We recommend trying this recipe by the US Brewer's Cup Champion!

We're excited to bring this exceptional, competition-level decaf to our menu. We first became aware of this coffee because it was used by the 2024 US Brewer's Cup Champion, Weihong Zhang, who competed alongside our Director of Retail, Mariah Miller. It was also used by the Polish Barista Champion at the World Barista Championship in Busan. We had to try it and this coffee does not disappoint so we want to share it with you! This decaf coffee has so much to offer when it comes to quality, story, and sustainability.

Los Nogales coffee farm is dedicated to sustainability, with low-waste and less bi-product being made, thanks to Oscar Fernando, but the story of Los Nogales starts two generations prior. Around 80 years ago, Ricardo Hernández and Concepción Castillo settled on this farm situated in Pitalito, Huila. Their love for coffee and dream of making history carried down to their son, Ricaurte Hernández, who valued "generosity, humility, and entrepreneurship." Ricaurte and his life partner, Suldery Arango, built their coffee empire together, winning first place in Colombia's "Cup of Excellence" in 2005, reflecting the family's dedication. Now, Oscar is devoted to the values passed down from generation to generation, and has transformed the farm into "producing high-quality coffee, while also emphasizing research, technological innovation, and environmental conservation." 

This decaf coffee's journey starts with harvesting only the ripest cherries that are then disinfected with *ozone water to eliminate any potential contaminants and guarantee the coffee’s hygiene. After this, the coffee cherries are floated to remove any "floaters" and ensure the quality of the chosen cherries that are then thermal shocked to prepare them for fermentation. The cherries are then de-pulped and fermented for 90 hours in plastic tanks with a special yeast and some water. This step is crucial to creating unique flavors in this coffee. After these 90 hours the coffee is meticulously washed to remove any residues and unwanted flavors. 

A natural solvent derived from the coffee’s pulp or husk through enzymatic and fermentation process is added. This solvent is essential for efficiently extracting caffeine from the beans.

The coffee beans are submerged in the natural solvent for approximately 48 hours. This process allows the caffeine to dissolve completely into the solvent, leaving the coffee beans up to 95% decaffeinated without altering their flavor or aroma.

Following the solvent immersion, the coffee beans are washed again with utmost care to remove any solvent residue. This final step ensures the absolute purity of the decaf coffee. 

The decaffeinated coffee beans are placed in a specially-designed drying area and left to dry for approximately 8 days. This controlled process ensures the beans reach the ideal moisture level for subsequent packaging and preservation, maintaining their freshness and quality.

 *Ozone water doesn't leave any harmful residues or by-products that could alter the flavor of the beverage. 


Bags are 10 oz. Jars are 100 grams