Prosumer Set

Prosumer Set

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So we've gotten to learn our home routines a little better and have realized how central our coffee ritual is to get our days started! This set is here to get you on your coffee journey you didn't even know you wanted. Everyone who works in coffee gets bit by this coffee bug and sets forth on this journey with their first pour-over! Welcome to the bright side!  

-The Stagg Kettle is designed last, heat over the stovetop and to help you pour the perfect streams for even extraction with its perfectly shaped spout.

-The Kalita Wave is widely acknowledged as one of the best pourover brewers. Its flat bottom and three holes allow for an almost fool-proof even brew with beautiful clarity. Perfect for single origins and blends alike!
-The Acaia Pearl Scale is a reliable scale with a clean design and wide enough to fit your decanter and brewing method without covering the numbers! It lets you just do weight or time and weight. 

-The Baratza Encore is one of the best entry-level home grinders on the market. Baratza is well-known for the quality of their grinders and for their phenomenal customer service. The end result is a grinder that offers great precision for everything from espresso to French Press, and consistency from cup to cup. The Encore is your anchor - grinders are the most important part of any brewing set up!

-We get you started with a bag of  Little Waves Coffee (Roaster's Choice).