Precision Brewer's Set

Precision Brewer's Set

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'Tis the perfect time for honing skills, and we’re here to give you everything you need to become the nerdiest of nerds when it comes to brewing methods. These are the tools you’ll find at cafes, tried and true precision tools that also happen to look beautiful (slash ultra Instagrammable) at the same time.

-The Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle has fully customizable brew settings, precision temperature and pouring control, and access to ongoing updates over WiFi.

-The Origami brewer is not only beautiful, but it brews beautiful cups too. This set comes with a resin holder and flat-bottom Kalita Wave 185 filters.
-The Fellow Tally Pro Precision Scale is the ultimate coffee scale for perfectly proportioned pour-over, effortlessly. This scale has three thoughtful modes. Brew Assist allows you to choose your coffee-to-water ratio and Brew Assist™ Mode guides you to your target brew weight. Timer Mode shows a side-by-side timer and weight in grams so you can perfect your pour-over with minimal distractions. To weigh small goods beyond coffee, use the versatile Weight Mode to easily measure in grams, ounces, pounds, and milliliters.

-The Fellow Opus Grinder is the do-it-all grinder for brew-it-all homes. Opus is a powerful all-purpose grinder that effortlessly unlocks your coffee’s potential across the full range of brewing styles, from true espresso to the coarsest cold brew.

This set also comes with a LW Beanie, a bag of Minor Miracles, and 100 grams of a showstopping experimental coffee!