Anywhere, Anytime Set

Anywhere, Anytime Set

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We’re all still in flux when it comes to the ability to travel. So for the time being our Anywhere/Anytime set is likely restricted to your indoor forts or backyard tents. That’s okay though - now’s the perfect time to hone your Aeropress skills for all your future camping dreams.

The Aeropress is already a winner for its ease of use, tiny footprint, and killer espresso-style coffees, but the Aeropress Go takes it a step further and smooshes all the Aeropress goods into an even smaller, durable storage container that can double as a cup or thermos. For those of us that self-identify as minimalists, those of us always on the go, or those of us living in itttty bitty places, the Aeropress Go is just about perfect.

The Hario Skerton Plus hand grinder is the perfect companion for your anywhere, anytime setup. This grinder is built for daily use and its conical burs provide the range to grind for almost espresso to cold brew. This model keeps all of the great elements of the original Skerton but upgraded the capacity of the bean hopper and the grounds catch to be able to hold more! This means you can now grind up to 75g in the bean hopper at a time and catch up to 100g in the grounds catch. 

The best part about this setup besides it being portable is the inclined nature to explore different grind settings that work with the Aeropress Go and see what you are bringing out in the coffee by changing it up! 

Cheers and happy camping (even if it is your own backyard)!

In this set:
  • Aeropress Go with filters
  • Hario Skerton Plus
  • Bag of Little Waves Coffee (Roaster's Choice)