Interstellar Colombia Box Set

Interstellar Colombia Box Set

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The Interstellar Colombia Box set is your opportunity to try or gift four out-of-this-world coffees! We have an extremely limited amount of these sets available, and we're so excited to share them with you. 

The set features four 10 oz bags of whole bean coffee. You'll get:  

Edwin Noreña Pink Bourbon - This brew boasts flavors of watermelon, strawberry lemonade, and bright citrus, all underlined by Edwin Noreña's unique "golden washed" processing method. This is one of three coffees we submitted with our entry to win the Roaster of the Year Award, and it's not to be missed.

Carlos Finca la Estrella Gesha - Tasting notes of jasmine, oolong tea, passionfruit, papaya, and lemon sing in this sweet, delicate cup. The Gesha coffee varietal is revered for its high quality scores and bright flavors, and you'll find both in this coffee.

Jose Giraldo Natural Caturra - Every sip of this coffee is truly phenomenal. These naturally processed Caturra beans will have you tasting cherry, honeydew melon, dark chocolate, champagne, mace, and rum-soaked golden raisin in a juicy, syrupy cup. Our mouths are watering just writing about it!

Inmaculada Vientos del Pacífico Blend Natural(Gesha, Sudan Rume, Bourbon) - Inmaculada is one of the most revered and award-winning coffee farms in the world. The Vientos del Pacífico blend represents a look into their excellence in terroir and processing, yielding a cup with notes of strawberry, red apple, cinnamon, canteloupe, and fig. This delicate brew has brown sugary sweetness and a round, plum-like finish. Yum!

*If you order more than one box set going to the same place, please let us know in the notes if you would like each set to be packaged individually or if we can package them in bulk.