Bright Black Brilliance Box Set
Bright Black Brilliance Box Set

Bright Black Brilliance Box Set

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All seasons of the year are reason enough to pair our beautiful coffees with the magical scents of Bright Black Candles. We love everything they stand for and we love their Diaspora series. We have paired each candle from their series with a coffee that we felt correlated best to the origin or aroma. We know you or your loved one will enjoy this set as much as we do! 

This box set contains:
-One 7 oz crafted Bright Black Candle (2 unique scents to choose from)
-One 12 oz bag of our selected coffee to pair with the candle

Addis Ababa (Combines the healing calmness of Frankincense and Myrrh with the delicate softness of milk and honey.): Dinkinesh: Yabitu Koba

Durham (Evokes the spirit of the Bull City’s charm and grit with a striking and soulful blend of tobacco, cotton, and whiskey.): Los Toros 
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