Rooted Reverberations

Rooted Reverberations is a term that captures the ethos of Little Waves Coffee Roasters and our brick and mortar shops, Cocoa Cinnamon. Rooted Reverberations lie at the foundations of our business, playing a role in attracting the kindest, most gentle souls to our team and community.

Rooted Reverberations means daily repeated actions rooted in growth, love, mindfulness, and wonder -- actions rooted in the belief of health, well-being, safety, and abundance for all.  

Rooted Reverberations are not a claim of perfection; they are a commitment to be deliberate and agile when it comes to taking in new information, regrouping, and keeping on the path of creating a better future for all. This includes unlearning harmful behaviors and patterns. 

As a business, we have done a lot over the years that we are proud of, and yet, there is so much room for growth when it comes to participating in the health of our community, country, and world. 

As a business, we are undergoing self-reflexive inquiry all the time. We are listening, discussing, and learning. This includes and particularly now puts a special focus on building and implementing action plans to contribute to the empowerment of black and indigenous people. 

Dedication to this work is a key part of community health and our society as a whole. There are many layers to peel back, and as business owners, we are committed to checking our actions, our biases, and our protocols to create safety for our team and our community. We are committed to helping create a world where black and indigenous lives shine, thrive, and heal--a world where love, appreciation, and acceptance lead our actions every single day.

It is important that everyone who supports our business understands where our roots are and where our messaging stems from. We believe that it is the responsibility of every business and person to do this work.

We have taken action in response to recent conversations around racial equity. We would like to share what we’ve done, what we’re considering, and some of our plans moving forward.

Our first round of new actions:

  • We made an initial contribution to Emancipate NC
  • We are ongoing sustainers of Blackspace 
  • Purchases of our Wonder Menu Drinks supported SpiritHouse on Juneteenth.
  • We are contributing a portion of the proceeds from two of our products to support black communities through Blackspace and the Feed Durham Project 
  • We are facilitating conversations with our team about our roles in dismantling racism at the individual and business level.
  • We are intentional about bolstering and further cultivating Black leadership on our management team  
  • We are using our voices behind the scenes to assert change in governmental policy and the distribution of resources.


We are bolstering the following long-held ways of doing business:

  • We implement and continually work to improve hiring practices that represent the diversity of our city.
  • We create pathways for Black and indigenous leadership within our team. 
  • We are a living wage business that pays our team members a minimum of $15/hr.
  • We support community organizations that are working for the liberation of all, and that focus on nourishing our youth.

We are working to build upon and improve:

  • Creating alternative strategies for conflict resolution that utilize Harm Free Zone tactics. 
  • Developing further actions with the input of our team.

While these steps are important, we know that our actions when nobody is looking - the practices that become commonplace within our business - are foundational to equity and representation on a local and global scale.

This work is ongoing and we are grateful for the positive pressure we experience from the Black and Indigenous activists that are leading this movement.

Areli Barrera Grodski

Little Waves Coffee & Cocoa Cinnamon