Extra-Ordinary Change

Dear Cocoa Cinnamon and Little Waves Coffee Community,

In this time of intense grief and reckoning, we are feeling for black people in our community, on our team, and across our nation. We are in awe of the movement to demand reform and equality for black people.

Our team has worked to keep their heads high, supporting each other, contributing to the movement, and also spending the last few days feeling while being diligent to keep safe and our company afloat. As a group we are connecting, considering, working to take care of each other, giving space and voice to our team, most importantly the people of color who are most directly affected and together take direct productive action now, while also looking deeper into our daily repeated actions that get built into our system and impact through time, part of what the name Little Waves refers to.

We want to be active, not reactive. We consider the great part of our work to be what we do when nobody is paying attention. While we investigate our deeper systems, we have contributed to Emancipate NC, a Durham based organization that works toward dismantling structural racism and mass incarceration across NC and became a sustainer of Blackspace (hoping to increase our small initial amount as we come back) a maker, connector space for black youth and our black community.

Over the past few days, we have suspended posting out of respect. It’s been a challenging balance while really working to keep our team and bills paid. The heat always slows our business, which makes the work we were doing to build new revenue streams to carry us through the ups and downs that much more of an uphill run. The reality of our situation is that we need to keep selling the 230 bags of Little Waves coffee a day or the equivalent in subscriptions, wholesale, gift cards...sales each day to earn another day of keeping our team fully employed and bills paid.

Subscriptions and wholesale accounts have the deepest impact to help secure our future. We love that you have been doing so much impact spending, yet we really want you to keep spending because you love the adventure of flavor, care, craft, and open-hearted work toward sustainability we are on.

Know that with every order you make, every little wave you send will send out those rooted reverberations of joy in many directions.

This will also enable us to bolster our current and build new partnerships with black-owned businesses and farms, it means to continue our work to reflect the diversity of our community in our hiring initiatives, and it means contributing to organizations that facilitate positive change, it helps us survive and look to a future where we can more effectively support the well being of our team. We are committed to using Cocoa Cinnamon and Little Waves Coffee Roasters as conduits for change. We need your sustaining participation to make it happen. 

We also hope that you will support Durham’s amazing black-owned businesses and in all communities across our nation.

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